I Like

We do our best to share our lives with the people who consume our delicious fruit.

What we do in our daily lives all leads to the piece of fruit that is so enjoyed by our customers. Our objective is to ensure that fruit is tasty and juicy, and takes you to a place a little slower, a little more memorable.

We do our jobs with passion and take great pride in the fruit we deliver. We want you to know we’re serious, and give you a peek at what it takes to get that great Peach, Plum, Nectarine or Pluot into your hands.

Consumers can follow along

We hope the story we tell hits home with our consumers. We want you to know where our fruit comes from and we’re not a “factory” that just plops fruit in a box, but rather a large group of families who work hard to deliver the best eating piece of fruit possible.

When we have a new variety of fruit coming off, we tend to share that, as some folks have favorite varieties. We want them to see growth patterns and what stage the fruit that they may later consume is in.

Partner Use

We encourage our partners to take advantage of the stories we share. Share them on their social media outlets to get the message to THEIR customers who are ultimately our consumers.

To take advantage of our Social Media Services, contact social@summeripe.com to taylor a custom content plan for your store / chain!