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Mandarins are a gift to those who love citrus. With their sweet, slightly tart flavor and easy-to-peel skin, they have exploded on the scene of kid-friendly fruits that moms go wild for. Ours are no exception and we’ve taken kid-friendly to a whole new level. Our flagship mandarins brand are “Rascals” and they are ready to encourage your kids to ask for more!

We’ve got the right mandarins planted to provide our partners with the best tasting, easiest-to-peel citrus in the industry during the right times of the season. We have some of the best early varieties which create the longest harvest period possible, which is a winning formula when the other “guys” are done or haven’t even started.

We’re ramping up and planning the same marketing platforms on mandarins that we have on our stone fruit — the most comprehensive marketing assets available. Our partners can benefit from our mature digital marketing platform with recipes, videos, field updates and more.

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