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A plumcot is a cross between a plum and an apricot. Through an all-natural process of breeding apricots and plums, this amazingly flavorful category of fruit has taken the marketplace by storm. There are many special varieties that have been “born”. We grow several unique varieties of plumcots.

They range in flavor from over-the-top sweet to tart and tangy, and just about everything in between. You may be reluctant to pick up and try a plumcot in store, as they often are cosmetically shocking! From mottled (like the image to the right) to looking like a grenade, to cherry-like.

They have a great deal of nutritious value and are low in fat, making them ideal for snacking or sweetening up other dishes.

Many people are suspicious of plumcot thinking that this strange fruit must be genetically engineered, but this is not the case. Plumcots were first sold in 1989 and were developed by a Californian fruit breeder named Floyd Zaiger. It took Zaiger several generations of cross breeding before the modern plumcot finally emerged. Zaiger’s work used the “Pluot,” a 50-50 plum and apricot hybrid created by Luther Burbank in the late 19th Century, as a foundation for additional hybridization.