The story of the Plumcot!

You've arrived at our plumcot info center! We LOVE plumcots, and so do our kids. Plumcots have been bred for flavor from the beginning.

The distinct flavor of plums have been a favorite for years. They originated in Asia and have beautiful white flowers on the trees they grow on. Plums vary in flavors from super sweet to pungent. They come in red, black & green skin varieties with many different flesh colors.

Apricots are a bit more rare. They're small stone fruit that typically have a bit more tart flavor with a narrow window of ripeness where they go very sweet. Typically a velvety skin texture of yellow-orange color.

Plumcots are a cross between a plum & an apricot. They are not some wild experiment by mad scientists involving test tubes and incubators. Plumcots are the result of cross polinating the two fruits so they take on characteristics of both. This process is totally natural and safe. In fact, they're Non-GMO Project certified!