Rascals Mandarins

Kids LOVE Rascals! Our core brand for mandarins. Packed in fun styles kids will be grabbing for, these little guys are not only easy to peel, but super sweet. It’s the fruit that kids keep coming back for.

Seasonal Availability

Our Rascals brand Mandarins are grown in Central California. Our proprietary varieties harvest early, so we can bring your domestic mandarin program online sooner than our competition, making for a longer season of profit. Another benefit of Mountain View’s citrus program is our gap-less varieties keeping you supplied all season long. Give us a shot and be pleasantly surprised with our outstanding customer service.

Packstyle Specifications

Our packstyles for Rascals mandarins.

Latest Photos: Rascals Mandarins

Latest images from harvest and recipe development of our Rascals mandarins.