Brilliant brand Citrus

Our Fancy #1 brand for our lemons & meyer lemons. Best quality available in many pack styles including bulk, film bags and consumer cartons. (see below) This is the “cream of the crop”.

Brilliant being our premium brand, we offer our Aces label for the choice fruit we pack. This helps us steer the very best of our crops into the Brilliant label for truly flawless fruit.

Seasonal Availability

We have Lemons available year-round. Meyer Lemons are available from ___ to ___. Please contact your sales representative for specific volume availability. 

Packstyle Specifications

Our packstyles for lemons & meyer lemons.

What can I do with Lemons?

We are dedicated to providing unique ways to cook & create with all of our fruit. Lemons have so many more uses than recipes though! Check out our "Lemon Hacks" and how you can use them to clean, freshen up and even revive an old cutting board!

Brilliant citrus in the Wild

Some recent sightings of our Brilliant brand lemone & meyers.