About Us

About Us

Most everyone in the world knows of the sweet juicy taste of peaches, plums, and nectarines. But… not everyone knows just how innovative the production of these delicious fruits has become in recent years. Summeripe Worldwide is the industry leader in developing innovative technologies and all-natural farming methods that produce great tasting peaches, plums, and nectarines. Our passion is to deliver the ultimate eating experience to fruit lovers all over the world. We at Summeripe Worldwide would like to briefly explain the journey our fruit takes, from tree to table.It all begins with the farmer. Many of our farmers come from 4 generations of agricultural experience. Our farmers care for both the consumer and the environment. Summeripe farmers are conservationists and they take pride in growing the world’s finest tree fruit the all-natural way. They want consumers everywhere to enjoy eating the same fruit they enjoy.

The journey begins with a fertile soil and the right tree. Before the trees are planted, the farmer carefully analyzes and selects the best variety available from local nurseries. Information on taste, appearance, and quality are all taken into consideration.

Summeripe farmers make the California’s Central Valley home for their orchards. The soil here is perfect for growing deciduous tree fruit. All Summeripe fruit is grown in California’s beautiful San Joaquin Valley. This valley is known as the “Fruit Basket of the World” and provides the proper climate for growing delicious Summeripe peaches, plums, and nectarines.

The winter snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range just east of our orchards provides irrigation water for our trees during the summer months. Spring run off fills the Pine Flat Reservoir. This stored water supply is released during the summer months and distributed to valley crops via a labyrinth of ditches and pipelines. This irrigation system has miraculously turned the California desert into a fertile farmland.

Our farmers are busy all year long preparing for the summer fruit season. Various farming practices throughout the fall, winter, and spring months contribute to a successful summer growing season. Once the summer months arrive, Summeripe farmers cut random samples of fruit to watch how the fruit is ripening. They also taste the fruit for sweetness levels.

Summeripe has a passion for high quality and has its own Quality Control staff to monitor fruit standards. This ensures the fruit being sent to your store is of the highest quality. Once the fruit has been inspected for quality and packed in boxes, the fruit is then sent to Summeripe’s state-of-the-art pre-conditioning facility. It is here where technology harmonizes with nature. This facility simulates Mother Nature’s environment by controlling temperature and humidity to let the fruit ripen naturally. There are no chemicals, synthetics, or anything unnatural involved in this process. Through years of research, our staff has determined the correct amount of humidity, temperature, and airflow to make the fruit think it’s still attached to a tree in an orchard.

Reaching the ultimate eating experience requires the right balance of low acid, high sugar levels and proper ripeness. Once this has been achieved in the ripening facilities at Summeripe, our fruit is then sent to your stores. These characteristics, plus flavor, aroma, color, and texture are also considered in order to achieve Summeripe quality fruit that our customers deserve.

Summeripe fruit is best kept at room temperature, as it will continue to soften naturally. Because pre-conditioned fruit is ready-to-eat, be assured you may take the fruit home and enjoy its sweet, juicy flavor immediately. Summeripe has ripened the fruit for you and there is no need for the old “brown paper bag” ripening process.

One sweet juicy taste and you will be buying a lot more!