Stone fruit market supply is starting to slow down but definitely won’t disappear as the temperatures will eventually begin to drop below the triple digit threshold soon.  

As far as yellow peach supply goes, the micro-climate and soil in the southern part of the central valley is ideal for growing peaches in the later months of the stone fruit season. Naturally that’s where Mountain View and Summeripe’s peaches are grown! And there is no one better to grow it than the Richardson family, a multi-generational farming family who know the land better than anyone. We are in the middle of the transition from peaches grown in the Reedley area to those that are grown in south valley.  

In this focus, Bo cuts open one these great late season peaches on the inspection table on our shipping dock.  These yellow peaches are sweet, free-stone, and have slightly pinkish-red colored flesh around the pit and are a must have for a fall set!

Now Harvesting:

Black Plums: Available through October

Yellow Peaches: Available through mid-late October

Yellow Nectarine: Last week of harvest! Order now!

White Nectarine/White Peach: This week and next week! Book now!

Red Plum: Through September

Red Plumcot: Through September 

Looking Forward:

We're getting to the estimate stage of our growing season for mandarins. This is a time of year that reveals a lot about the upcoming crop. So far, we're very happy with the way things are looking. We expect to start shipping the third week of October.

Contact our sales department to discuss strategy on early mandarins, and our entire citrus program.

Early bird gets the mandarins!

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