Happy New Year to our valued partners! We hope you had a rich family-filled holiday season and are ready to get back to it! We wish you a prosperous new year. It's crispy and cold in Central California, great for the color on our citrus. Don't miss Bo's video below to get a glimpse of our mandarin harvest.

Weather and industry supply: We've finally reached the cold of winter. Our mornings have been chilly with temps dipping near and just below freezing. We've planned well and have bags on young trees and wind machines protecting our fields from these low temps. No inturruption in supply is expected.

Harvesting: Mandarins, meyer lemons, and lemons.

Varieties to Know: Regular lemon supplies will be increasing in the coming weeks. We continue to have steady supply of mandarins & meyer lemons.

Upcoming Varieties: We are estimating popular late season (Tango / Murcott) varieties to start shipping the week of January 14th and be available through April.

Recipes! Recipes! Recipes! Brilliant Meyer Lemons continue to be one of the most sought after ingredients by home & professional chefs. We continue to add more recipes and inspiration to our site for our partners to use. You can click here or the picure above to access our newest recipes!

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