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Getting ready for the first taste of summer Bo shares with us why the San Joaquin Valley is the best location in the USA for growing stone fruit. Home to Mountain View Fruit in Reedley, California, our Summertime and Summeripe brands are enjoyed nationwide and around the world.

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Commodity Conditions

Week 18: 4-26 to 5-20 

We will see more fruit from Kettleman. Apricots, white peaches, yellow nectarines, white nectarines and some yellow peaches. Look for us to start some fruit out of Arvin also. We will have white peaches and some yellow nectarines. Towards the end of this week we should have some white peaches loading out of Reedley.


Week 19: 5-3 to 5-9 

This week you should see some real volume of fruit, better tasting and better pricing. The Reedley area should be starting with yellow peaches and you will have some white peaches, apricots and maybe a few yellow nectarines available. You will get a better piece of fruit from the Reedley area and consumer satisfaction should be better. 


Week 20: 5-10 to 5-16

This is really when we are getting out of early season fruit and into fruit that was planted for flavor and not timing. Everything will be coming off the tree’s this week. Yellow peaches, white peaches, yellow nectarines, white nectarines and apricots. The only thing we will be missing is plums. Good plums will not start until June. Prices should start to come down this week and we should be getting ready for solid volumes during the month of June.


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