With three months of harvest behind us, we're rounding second and heading for third, but we're far from being done. With about a month left of yellow nectarines, we encourage you to tag in and get them before they're gone! We've also got some ideas to share about Back to School promotions on your social outlets.

What's Hot:
We've had great success with our 2lb Summertime Fresh bags across all commodities. They are a great "grab-n-go" option for busy shoppers thinking back to school. 

Now Harvesting:
We are harvesting every commodity right now. Nectarines only have about 4 weeks to go.  

White & Yellow Peaches & Nectarines, and the full spectrum of Plumcots & Plums. Contact sales to order yours today!

Looking Forward:
We will have a strong supply of Yellow Peaches through mid-October. Our late-season program is one of the best in the industry. Extend your peach selling season to win incremental sales in the department!

The current weather is ideal for growing fruit. It's been very hot in the San Joaquin Valley this mid-summer. With what seems like weeks of 100+ degree days, we're finally headed for a slight cool-off over the weekend. Low 90s are a welcome cooling trend believe it or not!

  1. It’s Back to School time again and for your family that means busy days with hectic schedules. Clothes shopping, picking up school supplies, meet the teacher night, sports sign-ups and that anxious feeling of the first day of school.

    No matter what your child’s age good nutrition will help them navigate these hurdles head-on. That’s why we at Summeripe believe so strongly in Bentology. What’s that you might ask…we know…it sounds like a class but it’s actually a fun, smart way to get your kids to eat healthy portioned nutritious foods that help balance their every day. Here are four really simple ideas that are fun to make and provide all the fruit, vegetables, and proteins your student will need to achieve.

Click here to visit out BENTOLOGY page for shareable inspiration!

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