As we hit mid-May, things are about to get busy. With ample surface water, we’re able to irrigate using captured snow run-off delivered through our rivers and canals. This is a much more sustainable and affordable means of irrigating, and it helps recharge our drought-depleted aquifers. This is GREAT news!

Yellow Peach: We are now harvesting Krista Yellow Peaches. Better than expected color and size on these early peaches make them a great choice for early Stone Fruit. Krista’s have only been around for about 5 years and are proving to be a great eating piece of fruit.

Yellow Nectarine: Zee Fires will be starting in just a few days, perhaps this weekend. The crop looks really good and is the first Yellow Nectarine we harvest. There aren’t really any other varieties we’ve discovered that are viable for earlier harvest, but we’re working with our nurseries and breeders to find one.

Coming Up: White Peaches & Nectarines will start in the next several days. You can expect our Summeripe conditioned program to ramp up near the end of May. Supply of Yellow Peaches will remain strong through the entire season.

Weather: We’ve generally had good Stone Fruit growing weather, but have an anomaly on the radar, literally. The forecast for the next few days is.. rain, thunder storms & snow above 5,000 feet! Not a lot, but significantly lower temps and a 50% chance of rain for tomorrow. While this is strange for mid-May, we’re not overly concerned it will have any lasting negative impact on our fruit.

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