We kick off our 2019 Stone Fruit harvest with Snow Angel white peaches. Bo shows you how the crop looks as it gets picked, packed up and ready for your stores. Follow along to watch the path of a peach from harvest trailer to making it into a box for distribution.

Specifics: Snow Angel white peaches (pictured above) have started shipping and they're beautiful. Great color, high brix and crunchy! Kick-off your stone fruit offerings with this gem of a variety. We'll be harvesting yellow peaches and nectarines within a few days, so keep your eyes peeled for them. 

Weather: Once again, our weather conditions couldn't be better for growing California Stone Fruit. Warm but mild temps in the 80's pushing up to near 90 degrees.

Hot Pick: Our mandarins are shipping for a couple more weeks. They're some of the best of the season, easy-peel and super sweet. Ger some Rascals Mandarins before they're gone!

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, we're telling our story with even more posts from the field and all aspects of our farming operations. Stay tuned and follow all the @mvfruit handles for the complete story. Use the links below to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to share out our posts to help tell the journey of our delicious fruit. Below are a few recent post examples.

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