Have you met Kevin?  He is in charge of our Varietal Research and Development department. Kevin has an engineering degree from Fresno State and was trained additionally in Pomology (the science of growing fruit) at UC Davis under Dr. Crisosto.  Today he gives us an inside look at how we know when to pick our mandarins. 


Unlike stone fruit, mandarins have few external traits that show their ripeness.  Even if a mandarin is orange, that doesn’t always mean it’s ripe and ready to eat—and we are always looking to make the ultimate eating experience, not just a good one.  So that’s why our citrus field operator Tom Brandt is bringing in bags of fruit for Kevin to test every other day from different ranches and mandarins groves.


Weather: We are expecting more showers. Our non-snowpack water levels are just over normal, and snowpack levels as of the last survey are over 40% more than normal. There will be a slight interruption in mandarin harvest but not enough to affect industry supply.  


Harvesting: Murcott and Tango


Upcoming: Klondikes (Cultivar 8)

Some of the early stone fruit varieties lost their petals while the peak season varieties are beginning to bloom. We will continue to track their progress. Click the here or on the image below to view out photolog of drone bloom shots.


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