In just a few short weeks since our last update, our trees have started the transition from dormancy to bloom. With ample rainfall and snow pack, conditions are good for a great stone fruit season. Take a look!

Some fruit trees in the central valley are beginning to wake up from their dormancy and begin to bloom. In this Focus, Bo is in a stone fruit field showing us the different stages of bloom between a Zee Fire yellow nectarine and Spring Flame yellow peach.   

Weather: Rain, rain, rain! California has been wet over the last couple weeks, although in the Central Valley we aren’t in white-out blizzard like much of the US or Sierra Nevada mountains.  We had some colder nights, but it hasn’t been dry or cold enough to damage citrus fruit. Supply or quality should not be affected by the weather of the past weeks. 

Harvesting: We have excellent quality Tango mandarins, and recently started delicious Murcotts.

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