Happy Wednesday friends and we hope the new year is going well for you! We’ve been focusing on our citrus program for the last few months, but in this issue Bo is in a dormant stone fruit orchard updating us about snow pack, chill hours, weather, and why pruning is important for our tree fruit yield during the summer.


Weather and Industry Supply: The recent rain, upcoming showers, and expected snow pack is great news for central valley farmers and Californians.  Mountain View will not have supply issues but there will be minor harvest interruptions this week because of the incoming showers.

Harvesting: We have transitioned out of clementines completely. This week we are at the peak of the page variety, and have started to harvest tangos. Murcotts will start next week.

Causes: Central Valley Farmworkers Foundation

Mountain View Fruit is happy to announce our support for the Central Valley Farmworkers Foundation (CVFF), a non-profit community organization whose mission is “To serve and support Central Valley farmworkers by providing programs and services to better their quality of life.”

We’d like to thank Hernan Hernandez for helping to give the farm-working community a voice and great services for our employees and other produce shippers. (Pictured left to right: Michael Thurlow, Hernan Hernandez, Mike Thurlow & Alexandra Thurlow) Visit CVVF at https://www.cvff.us/ #MVFruit #FarmWorker #CommunitySupport #CVFF

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