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At the Starting Line!

Published: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Time flies when you’re having fun and the fun is about to begin.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 weeks since our last update, but a lot has happened and we are now approaching the starting line of our 2018 tree fruit season.  We’ve had some beautiful days with abundant sunshine up to this past weekend where we saw a cool-down and even some cloud cover yesterday, but the fruit is doing exactly what we want it to do.  You’ll see in the video that we have color on our early varieties and they will size quite a bit in the days just prior to harvest.  We are anticipating a warm up by the weekend and the following 7 days look to be ideal to bring the fruit to full maturity and get it headed to you. 

We continue to thin varieties while we await harvest and we are very pleased by what we see.  We’re in July varieties now and it looks like we will have some beautiful fruit for you all summer long.  Estimated start dates are below.

Variery Commodity Start Date
Snow Angel White Peach 5/7
Honey May Yellow Nectarine 5/5
Spring Flame Yellow Peach 5/9
Polar Ice White Nectarine 5/14
Zee Fire Yellow Nectarine 5/17