In this issue of the focus, Bo is updating us from our citrus packing shed with this year’s first all citrus update. Check out the video to find out what we are packing, plans for this winter, the currently available pack styles, a “Brilliant” lemon hack, and a tasty new recipe hot out of the oven!
Weather: This week, temperatures are cooling slightly (mid 70s to low 80s) and nights are getting noticeably cooler (40s-50s). The San Joaquin Valley is transitioning from warmer, stone fruit weather to the cooler weather our Rascals enjoy. 
Harvesting: Mandarins and Meyer Lemons; Lemons starting Nov 19th-20th . We are just edging our big toe over the finish line of our stone fruit and grape season, and have already made the full transition into citrus.  Mark and Bo, Mountain View’s field managers, have been testing the fruit and are very excited with the positive results in brix to acid ratio (taste!), and overall quality. Contact the marketing or citrus office to get a sample sent your way!

Mandarin Packstyles:
10/3# Rascals Vert Bag
15/2# Rascals Vert Bag
6/5# Rascals Vert Bag
4x5# Rascals Mesh Bag + Wineglass Label
33# Euro

Meyer Lemon Packstyles:
18/1# Pouch Bag
12/1# Pouch Bag
9/2# Clamshell
Half Carton 16#
Full Carton 33#
Lemon Hack! Lemons aren’t just for ice tea anymore; stay tuned to find out how to use lemons as household cleaners, spot treatments, odor removers, even beauty treatments. In the next focus, Bo will eat a whole Meyer Lemon if you have ever used this brilliant lemon hack! 
In the pipeline: Lemons, Lemons, Lemons!!!  In about three weeks (November 19th-20th), we will be harvesting and shipping regular Lemons along with Meyer Lemons in our Brilliant brand. Keep looking out for our Brilliant Lemons, but wear sunglasses 😎
Keep an eye out on Summeripe social media... those sneaky Rascals hacked in and are planning a takeover!   
From the Brilliant Rascals at Mountain View, we’ll see you next time!
Our First Citrus Recipe!

Recipe: Brilliant Meyer Lemon & Blueberry Donuts

As we start to develop new recipes and ways to consume our Rascals Mandarins & Brilliant Meyer Lemons, we realize there's a whole new set of possibilities when working with citrus! These donuts are decadent and bright. We're very excited to work in the new citrus space and plan to build our library with the same level of industry relevancy as our stone fruit library.

On to the recipe! The full recipe is here:

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